Sharing stories that
need to be told.

Sharing stories that need to be told.

History is bold, diverse, and powerful. Stories are hidden in plain sight and buried deep in archival records. We are passionate about working with communities to uncover and share stories that matter; stories that assert rights, celebrate heritage, and preserve culture.

We are historians and we do history differently.

As the largest historical research firm in the world, we take collaboration seriously. Our team includes researchers, interpretive planners, digital artists, software developers, writers, and oral historians all under one roof and working towards a common goal: to tell meaningful stories. And the most important member of the team? You. History isn’t neutral and isn’t ripe for the picking. Stories are about people, and they belong to communities. We are honoured to work with communities from across Canada to research and share their history with them, and for them.

Ready to share your history?